When in doubt, insult your customers.

I don’t know what the products are like at easy life furniture and the radio spot that I have heard doesn’t set it apart from the competition in any way except one…It’s ending slogan. After going through all the sale items their commercial ends with “Easylife Furniture. The only way to get it cheaper is to import it yourself and you don’t know how!” As a consumer I feel like I have been given an audio raspberry. (Ready your best, whiny, 5 year old voice in your head now)Naa na na na naaaaa ! you don’t know how to do it and I do! Whoever came up with this tag line (which I have not found on any printed material by the way) must have been grasping at straws, however, it has accomplished one thing. I remembered the store name. There is only one other furniture store I can think of at this point and I only remember the name because they were infamous for their 10 year long going-out-of-business sale.

While the slogan has full-filled 50% of the job it was intended for it has not completed the final, essential part of getting me to the store and I don’t usually go to stores that insult me. Maybe I might feel different if I was in the market for furniture…hmmmmm. I still say that it is better to get customers to your store without making them feel stupid or inferior.

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