What Makes Us Different from Other Web Design Companies?

Servator Design is a full-service web design company. Our website designers have decades of experience developing websites that look great and are search engine friendly. We combine our web design solutions with knowledge of ecommerce, search engine optimization and principal of integrity so you will see us as the best thing to happen in your business. After all, if you succeed then we succeed.

Before we start designing your website, there are a number of key areas we might examine:

  • What are your logo and company colors?
  • What are your advertising campaigns, both past and present?
  • How will the website help your business?
  • What shopping cart is best for you?
  • How can we improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • What are future goals for the website and business

Many websites are bogged down by large images, inefficient coding, poor search engine optimization and over design. Every website we build is designed to be fast loading, intuitive to customers, and found in search engines.

Email Design

Most people are familiar with website “browser-issues” but most people are not aware that emails have the same problems, only worse. Some email programs strip out all CSS and java scripting, others strip out everything but text. Even the programs that leave the code intact may display your content completely different than a browser. Overwhelmed? In shock? Wondering what your last email really looked like to your customers? We can help you through the maze with our email design professionals. We can design your email campaign or even take your existing design and make it “email friendly”.