More Free Fonts

Back in August of 2013 I wrote about the free fonts at Google fonts. Since then I have found additional font services that deserve mentions.

Font Squirrel

I have not used Font Squirrel personally although I intend to try it out. I have read good things about this site that puts it on par with Google Fonts. It is completely free for commercial use although the site warns that some licenses are more restrictive than others. As far as I can tell you cannot have the website use the font directly from the Font Squirrel servers so you will have to download and host them yourself.

However, Font Squirrel does provide @font-face kit and  stylesheets for each font, as well as a variety of formats including .eot.ttf.woff, and .svg to make sure they work on different platforms.


This site has over 23,000 fonts so you are sure to find something interesting. It is fun to look through at all the possibilities. You have to read the licenses because many are free for personal use but have a cost for commercial use. It may be a dollar amount or it may just be credit on your website. Fortunately you can search by license types to avoid wasting too much time but it’s still important to read carefully to avoid surprises.

Edge Web Fonts

This is a new service from Adobe (I don’t know how new) so I haven’t used it either, but Adobe services are usually pretty decent quality so I expect it to work. Adobe has been in the font business for long time so the fonts are going to be fairly trendy and with good options. Edge Web Fonts offers hosted fonts although you have to add a line of JavaScript to your website to get the font. Some people seem to think this is a bad thing but I haven’t found out why. On the website it says that some  of the fonts are provided by Google so if you find one available at both I would prefer the font from Google.

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