Free Sitemap Generator Tool That Works

It’s not often that I review or push a product, although I would like to more often. I have a sitemap generator tool that I have used for a couple years which deserves a mention.

The problem is that you can get free tools to generate sitemaps in CMS’s like WordPress and Joomla but when you have a static page website, and especially a website that is over 500 pages, the options narrow greatly. I have found a couple other tools but they either generated corrupted sitemaps or the software had security holes.

The free sitemap generator by has been the one exception. It’s not spectacular and there are a couple features I would like to see but it works and it gets the job done.

If you need a free sitemap generator tool for static websites try this:

Note: It may sound like I am writing this because I get affiliate kickbacks. I don’t.

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