Free Fonts for Your WebSite!

I am always on the lookout for free stuff because, why pay if you can…not pay. I am generally disappointed with free items because they are limited features, time trials, poorly made, missing key features, etc.

The other day I found something that I am genuinely excited about-FREE FONTS! Not only are they free but there are also online paths to embed them directly into your website. These fonts are actually from Google and they are designed to work in websites (I don’t know how well they work in Print designs).

I always receive design files using a variety of fonts that customers gleaned from various programs and I am usually tasked with trying to find acceptable substitutes. I stumbled on these one day while searching for free fonts substitutes to match the font in a landing page design I was converting to HTML.

What I like about Google Fonts:

  • Free!
  • There is a good variety to choose from with the indication that more will be added over time. Most also have versions like heavy, light, italics, condensed, etc..
  • We don’t have to host the fonts and Google tends to be very fast
  • The fonts are engineered for the web. Not all fonts are so they can be hard to read. This doesn’t mean that all fonts here will work in all situations so be sure to test thoroughly.
  • You can download and/or link directly to the font on their server.
  • These are all open source so you can modify the fonts and share them with others

Check it out for yourself at:

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