Excellent Symbolism In This Commercial

This is one of the first commercials in a long time where I thought that it should win an award for best use of symbolism. I am a car guy myself so I understand what’s going on but I  also know many women who treat their cars this way.

There are too many commercials on tv (I could just stop here) that seem to have been written in a hurry, or where they used silly slapstick humor to help you remember the brand. The humor often falls flat so in the end you don’t remember much except there’s one more commercial to walk out on. In the end, if they spent a little more time thinking and a little less time with gimmicks, they would probably have better results.

On that same tangent, the cute, talking baby is getting a little dated, in part because some of them are more cheesy than memorable. When you can remove the baby, or the gimmicks, and the commercial still stands, you could have done without. Yes State Farm. I am talking to you!

This is nice because there is no talking to distract from the message so the focus is on the symbolism.

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